Rubber Bollards

Rubber Bollards

Rubber Bollards are made of a special mixture of vulcanised rubber granulate mixed with unvulcanised rubber. The rubber granulate consist of material recovered from the production of V-belts providing the bollards with extreme strength, flexibility and chemical resistance.

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Flexback Traffic Post

£ 19.50

The FlexbackTraffic post is a single piece guide post with an integrated base with anchors onto a suitable surface. 

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Universal Rubber Bollard

£ 150.00

The Universal rubber bollard has a simple, functional and timeless design. It is used wherever traffic limitation and maximum traffic safety are required. The collision force needed to bend the bollard to an angle of up to 45 degrees is 200 kilos.

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Standard Rubber Bollard

£ 240.00

The Standard model is mainly used where large vehicles may come into contact with the bollard. More than 300 kilos are needed to bend the bollard to an angle of up to 45 degrees. If a vehicle collides with the bollard at high speed the forces involved are much greater.

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Modern Rubber Bollard

£ 250.00

The modern rubber bollard has been designed to be used in surroundings permitting a modern but still timeless design without requirement of the reflective area. The Modern bollard is the strongest in the range requiring a collision force of more than 400 kilos to bend the bollard to an angle of up to 45 degrees.

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Konus Rubber Bollard

£ 345.00

The Konus rubber bollard is simply bolted down with the supplied flange and mounted directly onto any surface. This bollard is ideal for straightforward installation.

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