Cycle Parking

Cycle Parking

Street Furniture Direct offers a wide range of cycle stands to suit all your requirements. We stock everything from Sheffield Cycle Stands to Double Decker Cycle Stands and can be delivered in 48hours. Our cycle stands can come in steel, stainless steel or powder coated. If you have any special requirements or just need a bit of advise just pick up the phone and call us on 08001313389 and speak to one of our trained advisers.

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Verti Apex Wall Mounted Cycle Stand

£ 15.50

The Verti Apex Wall Mounted Cycle Stand offers Space Saving design while still maintaining excellent build quality. 

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Wall Mounted Cycle Stand

£ 16.00

Street Furniture Direct continually introduce new products and this Wall Mounted Cycle Stand is no exception. The most cost effective way of securing a cycle to a wall and still maintaining excellent build quality.

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Sheffield Cycle Stand Mid Rail

£ 50.00

The Sheffield Stand with added mid rail features an addition of a crossbar for added locking capabilities. The benefits of having the extra connecting bar across the stand now allows the bike to be secured via the rear wheel or the frame of the bicycle creating a secure cycle parking addition to any environment.

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Sheffield Cycle Stand Stainless Steel – Root Fixed

£ 50.00

We offer both grades of Stainless Steel, so if you need these Cycle Stands for a marine environment or in land we can help. Our trained staff here a Street Furniture Direct are able to help and guide you on any questions you may have in regards to this product.

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Economy Cycle Rack

£ 40.00

The Compact Bicycle Rack offer a cost effective way of securing cycles in a restricted space. Its low price and quick delivery time is also a benefit to fit in with time and budget constraints.

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Semi Vertical Cycle Stands

£ 55.00

The Semi Vertical Cycle Stand has been designed for space saving. These Cycle Stands are very popular in areas where space is at a premium such as Train Stations, Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Offices, Apartments.

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Fin Shaped Cycle Stand Galvanised – Surface Mounted

£ 60.00

The stylish looking Fin Cycle Stand is durable practical and cost effective. This Cycle Stand offers a good solution for storing your bicycles when you want a more stylish option.

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Fin Shaped Cycle Stand Stainless Steel - Root Fixed

£ 75.00

The Stainess Steel Fin Cycle Stands offer a distinctive image and prestige to any development. The Fin Cycle Stand is available root fixed with a stainless steel finish.

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Eco 5 Space Cycle Stand

£ 85.00

A simple solution for bike storage, the Eco 5 Space Cycle Stand accommodates 5 Bikes and can be arranged in rows. This is a popular option for many of our customers due to ease of the design and installation of the Eco 5 Space Cycle Stand.


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Double Decker Cycle Rack

£ 105.00

The Double Decker Cycle Racks is the perfect storage solution where space is at a premium, this a cost effective option allowing you to have double the amount of Cycle Racks. This style of Cycle Rack is very popular within new developments of apartment blocks, housing and offices.

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Hardie Secure Ground Anchor

£ 110.00

One of the unique attributes of the Hardie-Secure Ground Anchor is that it folds flat when not in use, enabling it to be driven over safely.

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Sheffield Toastrack

£ 120.00

The Sheffield Toastrack is perfect for fitting into the Hennessey Cycle Shelter and if you need a quick and easy solution to store multiple bikes. We can manufacture the Sheffield Toastrack with as may or little hoops as you require.

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High and Low Cycle Stand

£ 133.00

The High and Low Cycle Stand is durable, practical and offers a cost effective way of securing cycles in a restricted space. With access from both sides you can use this Cycle Stand in a wide range of area's.

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Modular Cycle Stand

£ 170.00

The stand is designed for a range of duties such as public bicycle parking, small housing estates and private houses as well as catering for the educational sector. All of Street Furniture Direct’s Steel Cycle Stands are Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as Standard.

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Scooter Rack

£ 550.00

With the increase in popularity of scooters we were getting more and more requests to come up with a suitable storage option. Our design team came up with our Scooter Rack which as standard holds 10 Scooters.


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Motorcycle Hitching Rail

£ 600.00

Street Furniture Direct continually introduce new products and this Motorcycle Hitching Rail is no exception.


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