Street Furniture Direct offer a wide variety of outdoor lighting options such as wall lights, ground lights and illuminated posts to enhance any outdoor environment.

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If you are looking for street furniture lighting to enhance an outdoor residential, commercial or hospitality project, look no further than Street Furniture Direct’s range of lighting products.

As sub-contractors, we appreciate your requirements for functional and aesthetic street furniture lighting options, that visually enhance a local area while also providing suitable lighting that improves pedestrian safety.

Street furniture lighting – features that make a difference

Here at Street Furniture Direct, we understand the demands you are placed under as a sub-contractor. You need to fulfil the design aspirations of the architect for aesthetically appealing street lighting, while also maintaining the durability and longevity demands of the main contractors.

While at the same time finding the right street lighting solution to match the demands of the urban environment of the project. It should enhance the local area aesthetically; be robust and durable to withstand the elements; while also providing suitable lighting during evenings and night times to afford safety for pedestrians.

Here are the benefits of purchasing and installing our range of street furniture lighting for your project:

Cost-effective urban lighting solutions

We appreciate street furniture comes towards the end of a construction project specification, where budgets are stretched thinly and often you are asked to ‘value engineer’ solutions to fit the original brief.

That is why we offer such a wide range of street furniture lighting and illuminated bollards, to cater for all budgets and match every kind of project requirement.

For a more cost-effective solution, our Solar Decking Lights are a simple yet effective outdoor light, perfect for smaller residential or commercial areas. You simply screw the lights to a decking or flooring material, or use the ground spike (supplied in your purchase) to mount into soft ground.

The Pathos Illuminated Bollard is an excellent mid-range urban light fixture. It is a stylish and contemporary stainless steel design complete with a clear tubular enclosure which houses the LED lighting. This is a popular option for sub-contractors working on urban areas such as office complexes, car parks and town centre environments.

The Stratton Double Illuminated Timber Bollard is a premium street furniture lighting solution. Constructed of a solid timber frame, it suits a wide range of environments such as enhancing a rural car park area, or bringing style and nature to urban settings such as university campuses or hospitality grounds.

Also, because it is made from natural components that also can be recycled at the end of their useful lifecycle, it brings green credentials for your project enhancing the sustainability benefits, and ultimately reducing your project’s carbon footprint.

Durable and robust materials

Street Furniture Direct's range of street furniture lighting is manufactured from a variety of durable and robust materials.

For your client, they are a cost-effective option as they ensure longevity and require minimal maintenance. For sub-contractors, it saves on any post-installation costs and remedial or maintenance work.

Each and every product also undergoes rigorous testing. This ensures they withstand the harshest weather conditions and daily wear.

The Tristar Aluminium Path Light is a popular choice among sub-contractors looking for sturdy street furniture lighting options. It is a three-sided modern LED path light that is manufactured from aluminium. This brings durable qualities such as strength, flexibility, and minimal maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal

Our range of street furniture lighting will add aesthetic appeal to your project’s outdoor area. With such a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from, whatever your client brief or architect demands, we have the product to match and exceed your project requirements.

Ranging from a more traditional design in the form of the Lighthouse Illuminated Bollard, to a more modern appeal in the form of the Pro Solar Eccentrica Light Bollard.

Quick and easy installation

Time is money. Our street furniture lighting solutions are designed for straightforward installation, minimising disruptions, and expediting project completion.

All of our street furniture lighting bollards are surface mounted, requiring drilling and fixing into the surface structure.

Also, because of their construction and material of choice, particularly our range of aluminium options, they are incredibly lightweight. This makes them easy to transport as well as easy to manoeuvre around site. Notably, the popular Airlite Illuminated Bollard is only 4kg per unit!

Increased safety

One of the main reasons for specifying outdoor lighting is to increase the safety of nearby pedestrians, in conditions of low lighting.

Our range of street furniture lighting does exactly this and is fit for the purpose, providing suitable levels of lighting for outdoor areas.

In fact, the Pro Solar Eccentrica Light Bollard has two lighting options available, with a warm and cool light options. The warm light option is perfect for outdoor areas where a client has a requirement to create a cosy atmosphere, for example hospitality settings. The cool light option is ideal for outdoor environments where a crisp light source is needed to provide extra safety for pedestrians, for example in urban settings where there is a large footfall.

Contact Street Furniture Direct today for your street furniture lighting requirements

Street Furniture Direct works with many sub-contractors and specialist contractors on a daily basis who purchase and install a wide range of street lighting, as well as other street furniture products.

From your initial enquiry, product selection, right through to after-sales support, our team of experts is committed to ensuring project success for you.

We bring competence and reliability and our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring ensure you get the right product, at the right price, delivered on time.

Our service is backed up by our products, all of which undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

Contact us on 01625 879 442, email us at or view our range of street furniture lighting above.