Our planters are available in a range of sizes to suit any landscape and are extremely versatile: you can plant evergreen shrubs to provide colour all year round in any urban surroundings or even plant seasonal plants which ring the changes with each season.

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Street planters

Street planters are an excellent way to enhance an outdoor space.

Whether you are bringing some greenery to a city centre space or adding colourful plants to a multi-occupancy residential development, commercial size outdoor planters are a great way to boost the visual impact of an area.

But with a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials, how do you choose and install the right street planter for your project?

Here at Street Furniture Direct, we understand the challenges you face when choosing and installing street planters for outdoor spaces.

How to choose the right street planters for your projectsfd planters

Buying street planters for outdoor spaces can be a complex process. If you are a sub-contractor working on a town centre re-development project or a commercial property, you will have been tasked to find and install street planters to enhance the outside space.

Aesthetics, budget, and lead times will all play a big part in which outdoor street planters you choose for your project.

We all understand budget is a key driver in any project requirements. Often the street furniture will be left to the end of a project and as a result you may be asked to source cheaper alternatives to originally specified furniture pieces.

Street furniture, and street planters in particular, don’t have to be expensive, but we advise not to choose the cheapest options.

Our team here at Street Furniture Direct often deal with sub-contractors who are replacing street planters that were originally chosen because they were the cheap option. They often don’t last as they were of low quality, poorly constructed, or weren’t from a reputable supplier.

If you purchase your commercial street planter from a reputable supplier, you can be assured that the products you buy will stand the test of time. They will more likely be built from high quality materials and manufactured in the best possible way. This doesn’t mean they will be expensive, but we would recommend to avoid the cheapest street planter options.

Another factor to help you choose the right street planter for your project is to understand the space where it will be installed.

Will the planter(s) be positioned in a modern city centre space to bring colour and life to a contemporary monotone environment full of glass, steel and concrete? Or will they be placed in a more traditional park setting?

Here, we advise to match the material and design to the environment where they will sit.

So for an urban landscape you could use a planter made of timber and/or stainless steel. Design-wise, hard edges and bold shapes would blend in well with modern buildings around.

For a more traditional park area you may want to consider timber or cast iron, with softer more subtle styling. This combination helps the planters to merge into a more natural setting.

Commercial size outdoor planters

To help give you an overview of the ranges of styles and materials for commercial street planters, see below.

Material selection includes timber, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, and GRP (glass reinforced plastic).

Each material above is hard-wearing, durable and carries great aesthetic appeal. They can withstand the elements (particularly the UK weather!) as well as the potential of vandalism (to an extent).

The types of street planters you can choose from for your project include tree planters, large or modular planters, barrier or long planters, circular planters, curved planters, moveable planters, and planters which include integrated seating.

If you are choosing street planters for a town centre, it may be a good idea to choose a planter with integrated seating. This way your street furniture set up will match and complement the surrounding retail spaces well.

If you are choosing planters for a large residential development, modular planters or long planters may be a good option. Not only will they bring a large amount of colour and life to boost the residential block, but they can also be used as pedestrianisation methods helping to direct traffic and protect pedestrians.

Popular street planters for sub-contractors

Street Furniture Direct are pleased to offer high quality street planters that has underdone rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

To add to that, we offer a price match guarantee. If you find the same street furniture product elsewhere for cheaper, we’ll match the price. That’s how confident we are that we can provide the very best street planters at the best pricing, in the industry.

The Hydrangea GRP and Timber Planter is a popular street planter with sub-contractors working on commercial and residential outdoor projects. It combines stunning aesthetics with robust practicalities.

It combines GRP and timber which creates a modern twist on a traditional design. It is made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) then clad in hardwood which is sustainably sourced (FSC) certified. You have a choice of Sapele, Iroko, Cumaru and Western Red Cedar for the hardwoods.

The Hydrangea Planter is 600mm cubed and 600mm high as standard, but if you need it in another size we are able to customise it for your project, just let our team know who will be happy to help. It carries a lead time of 4 weeks.

It’s an incredibly versatile planter than can be used in small or larger outdoor spaces.

The Ona Flower Planter is made of ductile cast iron for increased strength and durability. It is a free-standing planter however due to its significant weight, it can’t be moved around easily by hand.

It is also oxiron painted to prevent the build up of rust, ensuring if you choose this planter it will easily stand the test of time.

The Ona Planter is available in three sizes: 750x450x400mm - as standard; 700x700x500mm; and 1000x300x400mm.

Lastly, the Fern GRP Bench Planter is a versatile and stylish street planter that integrates seating.

With a length of 2000mm, width of 1500mm, and a height of 450mm, it’s sizeable enough to provide adequate seating and plant capacity, but not overbearing or too large for smaller outdoor spaces.

The timber bench is fitted on top of the glass-reinforced plastic planter on one side, and spans the whole length. The planter is available in any RAL colour matt, satin or gloss finishes, but looks particularly stunning in metallic effects.

How can we help your street planter project?

We make choosing, buying, and installing street planters easy.

Our team here at Street Furniture Direct helps sub-contractors and other construction professionals with practical and down-to-earth advice, solid product recommendations, and also useful installation guidance too.

Availability is a key factor in deciding which street furniture to use. Adhering to project deadlines is crucial which means finding products with short lead times is important. Here at Street Furniture Direct, we have a huge range of stock ready to ship in our Cheshire-based facility.

We offer express mainland delivery to all of the UK, where you can have most of our product ranges delivered to site within 72 hours. If you need something next day it’s no problem, we offer a next day service on a range of our standard items.

Contact our team today either by telephone 01625 879 442, email or view our full range of street planters here