Cycle Stands

Street Furniture Direct offers cycle stands for all budgets, they consist of the most popular hoop shaped Sheffield Cycle Stands to the bestselling wall mounted version. Most are available in a choice of galvanised steel, powder coated steel or stainless steel. All our cycle stands are in stock and can be onsite within 48hrs if required. If you have any special requirements or need some advice, call us and speak to one of our trained advisers or send us an email.

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If you are looking for cycle stands for your project requirements, you understand the importance of delivering reliable, robust, and aesthetically appealing solutions for your client’s brief.

The demand for secure and reliable cycle parking has increased drastically in recent years as the UK, as well as globally, shifts towards more sustainable modes of transportation.

Street Furniture Direct is pleased to offer an extensive range of cycle stands designed to meet the diverse requirements of any residential or commercial project.

You can choose cycle stands, space saving cycle parking, double decker bike stands, wall mounted cycle stands, scooter parking and motorcycle parking options.

Why choose Street Furniture Direct for your cycle stands?

Our cycle stands combine aesthetic appeal and durability; are easy to install; and represent one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market for sub-contractors and other construction professionals.

Here are the benefits of partnering with Street Furniture Direct for your cycle parking:

Quality and durability you can trust - Our cycle stands are made from the highest-quality materials, such as steel and stainless steel. This ensures the stands and racks are incredibly strong and robust, meaning bike users can feel confident their bikes can be left safely.

Quality and durability are two of the most important considerations when sourcing street furniture. This sounds obvious, but we speak to lots of sub-contractors and smaller contractors who are replacing pieces of street furniture that were low quality or were poorly constructed. This is particularly relevant for cycle stands which endure constant use.

Stainless steel and steel have a high strength-to-weight ratio meaning even the smallest of cycle parking options e.g. Sheffield Cycle Stand, offers excellent durability for your project.

You even have the option for a galvanised or powder coated finish which adds a further level of resistance against the elements. Our cycle stands are designed to endure the harshest weather conditions, thanks to the robust materials used in their construction.

The galvanised process adds a protective layer of zinc which offers exceptional corrosion protection, preventing moisture and other elements from coming into contact with the steel.

All of this ensures your street furniture products will stand the test of time, giving your clients confidence their cycle stands will last.

Aesthetically versatile - Our cycle stands are as attractive as they are functional, enhancing the landscape and architecture of any space around them.

We understand that every project is unique, and so are its requirements. That's why we offer a wide range of designs, from the traditional Sheffield stands, known for their simplicity and functionality, to custom designs that can be tailored to match the aesthetics of your project.

Not only that, but their stainless steel or steel constructions can be purchased in a galvanised or RAL colour finish (depending on product), meaning you can source bespoke cycle stands to suit and enhance your project surroundings.

Cost-effective - Here at Street Furniture Direct, we understand cost is one of the main drivers for product selection within construction projects.

The larger contractors will usually give a budget or recommended product/supplier. However, as projects develop it is not uncommon for sub-contractors to be asked to trim costings or change product specification to reduce the overall price. So in this case, you have no choice but to opt for the cheaper products.

But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for sub-standard products. If you buy from reputable suppliers, there is more chance the products will be manufactured to a good quality.

When you buy your cycle parking products from Street Furniture Direct, you can be assured you are buying the highest quality products but at cost-effective prices.

We even offer a price match guarantee where if you find a product of the same specification cheaper online, we will match it!

Expert guidance and support - Our team here at Street Furniture Direct are committed to making your life easier and adding real value to your project.

We are more than simply a street furniture product supplier, we are problem solvers. If you are looking for a particular style of furniture to match your urban space, or you are looking for sustainable furniture options to install in a new office development, we can help.

We have the products, technical know-how and passion to help you get the job done quickly.

We have a wide range of cycle stands for your project

Whether you are sourcing cycle parking for a multi-occupancy residential property, a university or school project, or a commercial office building, Street Furniture Direct has a range of cycle parking options to suit your client’s brief.

Bike stands - Choose from a wide range of bike stand designs, including Sheffield stands, toast racks, our exclusive Kube® range, and more, to provide safe and secure bicycle parking for public spaces, commercial areas, and residential developments.

Double decker cycle stands - We are pleased to offer a range double decker cycle stands for sub-contractors who are working on projects where space is limited for example communal spaces in large residential developments.

These stands hold twice as many bikes as conventional single tier stands due to the fact they have two levels of parking spaces.

Space saving cycle parking - Our range of space saving cycle stands includes semi vertical, wall mounted, double decker racks, and troughs. These are perfect for areas where space is at a premium.

Wall mounted cycle stands - Our wall mounted cycle stands offer excellent space saving benefits as bikes can be secured onto walls with minimum footprint and floor coverage. These are perfect for car parks areas within public or residential developments, or around university campuses.

Motorcycle stands - If you are looking for secure motorcycle storage then Street Furniture Direct are pleased to offer a range of options, which accommodate a wide range of motorcycle sizes.

Scooter racks - We have a range of options for safe and secure scooter parking.

Why buy your cycle stands from Street Furniture Direct?

We work with many sub-contractors on a daily basis who specify and install a wide range of cycle parking products. As a result we bring competence, expertise, and reliability, ensuring your project is a success.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring ensure you get the right product, at the right price, delivered on time.

Our service is backed up by our products, all of which undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.

James Wain, Sales Director of Street Furniture Direct, comments,

“We work with sub-contractors and smaller contractors all over the country, helping their projects with high quality cycle parking.
Our straightforward and down-to-earth approach helps sub-contractors find the piece of street furniture quickly and easily, meaning you spend more time on carrying out the building work.
We like to think of ourselves as an extension to our customers’ businesses. We save them time with solid and reliable advice and product recommendations, which in turns saves them money. And importantly their street furniture will enhance their project.”

Telephone us on 01625 879 442, email us at or view our range of cycle parking, or wider range of street furniture, bollards, shelters or lockers