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Gibson Bench Launched

Posted on 01/02/2018

Gibson Bench Launched

Searching for bench boards on the pure and simple Gibson Bench will be a search in vain. The seat surface is moulded in the shape of seat ends but is one single piece. This makes assembly easy as child's play! In addition, the seat is flush with the sides - giving a little extra space when needed. Since the seat is slightly arched, rainwater flows off quickly.

  • Widths: 130 cm and 180 cm
  • 1 seat element: 167/117 x 45.6 cm
  • Seat height: 48 cm
  • Easy assembly due to few components
  • Rapid rainwater run off
  • Optional: Ground anchor type 1

Houses of Parliament

Posted on 05/01/2018

Houses of Parliament

The Double Decker Cycle Stands were chosen because they provided the ideal number of parking bays for the amount of space that was available. The Double Decker Cycle Rack is one of the most popular products that SFD manufactures.

This project was one of the most challenging installations SFD has undertaken due to the restrictions onsite, security was the main priority which meant the stands had to be delivered to a separate site 45 miles away and then escorted in by parliament. The building itself is historic which can cause many issues with installing on site. 

The installation took over 4 days to complete due to the extra security measures.

During this time the numerous complications were resolved, such as a fork truck could not be operated within the area so everything had to be hand carried, and the security on site being unprecedented. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted on 14/12/2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Just a quick thank you to everyone who’s supported Street Furniture Direct this year.

It’s been an incredible year of trading with growth in all avenues of sales.

Lots of things on the horizon for Street Furniture Direct in 2018, without all of you this wouldn’t be possible so thank you for an incredible year.

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