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Bollards and barriers are designed and installed into outdoor public areas to provide a high degree of protection for pedestrians, as well as serving to enhance an area aesthetically with simple and stylish design.

Available in a wide choice of materials, styles and fitting types, our wide range of bollards and barriers means you can select the right one for your project.

Whether you are working on an urban landscape, retail outdoor space, university campus, or residential project, you will find the right bollard at Street Furniture Direct to add form and function to your specification.

Specification benefits

Stylish aesthetics to enhance the local environment

There are almost endless design variations in our bollards for you to select for your project. You can opt for:

  • stainless steel finish for an elegant aesthetic appeal
  • powder coated to any RAL colour (dependent on bollard model)
  • timber finish for a look that is sensitive to natural surroundings
  • illuminated bollards to enhance a local area in low lighting situations
  • retractable/telescopic options
  • options which can be lowered when not in use, meaning they blend into local environments

Highly functional and durable

By installing our bollards in your project, you can be assured that your customer will benefit from highly durable and robust barrier structures:

  • materials such as stainless steel, steel and cast iron offer a heavy duty resilience and levels of strength, making them perfect for pedestrian safety
  • steel bollards are a popular choice of sub-contractors working on densely populated public areas such as town centres, university campuses, retail and hospitality areas
  • hard wearing and minimal maintenance ensures your customers will benefit from having a long lasting bollard

 Easy to work with on your project

Sub-contractors who order and install our bollards benefit not only from products that are aesthetically appealing and highly functional, but that are also easy to work with, including: 

  • easy to install: our bollards are available in root fixed, surface mounted, or telescopic options
  • easy to transport: as our bollards can be supplied as single units or as multiple units. Even as multiple units they are supplied on pallets so all you require is a forklift to manoeuvre around site.

Choosing the right bollard for your project

Landscaping or specialised security sub-contractors are being tasked by larger contractors to specify and install bollards for urban developments or a range of commercial or residential developments.

It is essential that the bollards you choose for your clients’ project meets their requirements. Here are several factors to consider:


This is one of the most important factors. Popular choices include steel, stainless steel, concrete, cast iron, timber, and plastic. And each material has their own benefits and suitability for various applications.

Steel and stainless steel bollards are a popular choice among sub-contractors, as aesthetically they look the part with a simply yet striking appearance that gives a car park a modern look.

They are also incredibly durable and reliable, so if you install these, your client can be assured of a bollard that stands the test of time. Stainless steel and steel has a high resistance to rust and corrosion (steel bollards will require powder coating to provide additional resistance, and our steel bollards are available in popular RAL colours as well as non-standard colours).

Both stainless steel and steel bollards are popular with sub-contractors as they are lighter than other materials, such as concrete, and therefore easier to install and transport around site. They also have a higher impact resistance too due to their composition and physical properties.

Street Furniture Direct supplies a popular stainless steel bollard, which is available in a reinforced option. You also have the option of telescopic bollards which are available in a 76mm and 90mm diameter.

A popular steel bollard is the Titan Steel Bollard, which is available in diameters of 114mm, 139mm, and 168mm. It is also available in a reinforced option too for added security and practicality.

Another popular material is cast iron which is often specified in public areas and heritage sites across the UK due to its strength and resistance to deformation or cracking under high-impact collisions. This strength makes cast iron bollards an ideal choice for public locations that require high levels of protection e.g. city centres.

Cast iron bollards also have a unique and classic appearance and can enhance the visual appeal of public spaces.  They are often used for decorative purposes due to their intricate designs and ornamental details.

A popular cast iron bollard is the Manchester Cast Iron Bollard,

Timber is another popular material to specify and install for bollards. One of their main appeals is their aesthetics, where the timber colours and grains combine to create a natural and organic appearance. This makes them suitable for more rural projects e.g. parks, but due to the versatility of timber, they can be used in modern urban developments to add contrast to glass and concrete buildings.

Timber is also a sustainable material to specify, making them a popular eco-friendly option for sub-contractors. Not only do they have a low environmental impact during production and transportation, but they can also be recycled or will naturally decompose at the end of their useful lifecycle.

A popular timber bollard includes the Stratton Eco Illuminated Timber Bollard, which is a striking timber bollard fitted with an energy-efficient LED lamp unit.

Design and aesthetics

This is another important consideration for choosing the right bollard for your project. Bollards come in a range of designs, including fixed, removable, retractable, and fold-down. Consider the specific needs of your project, such as does your client need regular access or the frequency of use, to determine which design is most appropriate.

Also, consider how the material and style will benefit the local environment. A modern residential development would benefit from contemporary designs such as stainless steel or steel. Heritage sites or parks would benefit from a more natural looking timber bollards. Town centres would benefit from the unique and classic appeal of cast iron bollards.


The final consideration is the purpose of the bollards. Are you working on a project that requires traffic control, or pedestrian safety, or to protect a commercial premises?

Each application will have their own requirements. For example, if you are selecting bollards to protect a commercial premises, it is likely your client will require a retractable bollard so they can be lowered during business hours, and then raised when the business closes.

A popular bollard for commercial premises includes the Titan Fold Down Steel Bollard which is easy to operate with a simple integral lock and key. The bollard can be folded down to allow temporary access, then folded back up and locked for safety.

We offer the option to have it so the same key can operate all of your chosen bollards, or for increased security, we can supply an individual lock and key for each bollard. Talk to our team to find out more details and choose the best option for your project.

Why buy your bollards from Street Furniture Direct?

We work with many sub-contractors and contractors on a daily basis who specify and install bollards, and as a result, we bring competence and reliability, ensuring your project is a success.

Our team helps to bring certainty to your project, ensuring ensure you get the right bollard, at the right price, delivered on time.

Our service is backed up by our products, all of which undergo rigorous testing and quality control. You can be assured your project will stand the test of time.