Q: What is the lead time on stock products?

A: Our lead time varies depending on which product you need. The standard lead time for stocked products is generally 3-5 days from the order, although this can change when products are required to be powder coated. Bespoke items, which must be manufactured, have a 4-6 week lead time from receipt of order.

Q: Surface mounted vs root fixed

A: This simply means how the items are secured down. Surface mounted requires a firm base for installation, bolt down the item securely to the foundation. Root fixed means to bury a proportion of the item into the ground using concrete, this tends to be the more secure way of setting certain products into the ground.

Q: Softwood vs Hardwood

A: Hardwood is generally harder, heavier and more durable than softwood, therefore having a longer life span. Softwood is faster growing, more sustainable and generally lighter in weight. Bollards can be produced in softwood for a more cost-effective product and treated to ensure that they are more durable and increase the life span.

Q: What is galvanising?

A: Galvanising is a process where a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to stop corrosion and rusting. This is commonly done using the hot dip method where the steel is submerged into a bath of molten zinc. All our steel products are supplied galvanised with an option to powder coat.

Q: Stainless Steel - G316 vs G304

A: 316Stainless Steel is a superior grade to 304, which are the two standard grades that are used with our bollards and cycle stand manufacturing. 304 is the more cost effective grade to use and is perfectly adequate for use in most external environments in the UK. However all UK coastal locations require a higher grade due to the extreme exposure to corrosive saline elements, therefore 316, with its higher nickel content should be specified. It is worth noting that both grades are identical in appearance and will equally tarnish if they are not regularly maintained.

Q: What is the difference between galvanised steel and stainless steel?

A: Typically, galvanised products have a thicker gauge of steel thus offering better protection. The finish of a galvanised product can always be powder coated giving it a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Stainless Steel usually offers a lower gauge material which in turn does not offer much protection (security) in certain areas although the finish of the product is far superior to the galvanised counterpart.

Q: What is powder coating?

A: Powder coating is a polyester powder which is then heated to fuse with the protective cover. Powder coating gives our products the most economical, long lasting and most colour-durable quality finishes available. Powder coating surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing than other finishes.

Q: What bolts are required for Sheffield surface mounted cycle stand?

A: We can supply M10x90 anchor bolts which are more than adequate for concrete foundations when surface mounted to a secure base.

Q: What depth is required for root fixed bollards?

A: It depends on which bollard/cycle stand you are purchasing. We would recommend going lower than 300mm on a Bollard and 250mm on a Sheffield Cycle Stand. The depth is usually dictated by what product you have and the application you need it for. If you need further information give us a call and we can discuss the best depth.

Q: Keyed different vs keyed alike

A: This question relates to the Fold Down Bollard and Telescopic Bollard available from Street Furniture Direct. Keyed different means all the bollards you purchase will be operated by using each individual key associated with that bollard. Keyed alike means all the bollards you have ordered will work with one key.