Space Saving Cycle Parking

Street Furniture Direct have a number of effective space saving cycle parking options for higher density areas such as city centres where space is at a premium. These types of cycle racks are ideal for basements and carparks. Double the space you have available for bikes by stacking on top of each other or wall mounting. We have options for 1 to 1000 bikes to accommodate your exact cycle parking needs. If you have any special requirements or need some advice, call us and speak to one of our trained advisers or send us an email.

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Space saving cycle storage

There has been a surge in the demand for cycle storage in recent years, due to the increasing popularity of cycling.

Double decker cycle stands are a practical solution where space is at a premium. They hold twice as many bikes as conventional stands due to the fact they have two levels of parking spaces.

The growing importance of space saving cycle storage

In the years pre-2015, outdoor spaces in towns and cities were very uninspiring and practicality was the main driver for street furniture design within urban areas.

However in recent years, particularly post-2020, urban architects and designers are creating much bolder and exciting inner city and town centre spaces. A reason for this is largely driven by the increase need in physical social connections and a real sense of community spirit among residents.

Part of such urban regenerations includes cycle storage. Whether they are cycle racks outside inner city commercial office buildings or bike storage for multi-occupancy residential developments.

Specifiers and urban planners are designing more facilities into city centre areas, such as community gardens or dedicated seating areas. This leaves limited space available for practical and essential street furniture, like cycle parking.

As a result, space saving cycle storage has increased popularity with construction professionals.

Space saving bike storage - the different options available

There is a wide range of styles and options of space saving cycle storage for specifiers and sub-contractors to choose for their projects, ideal for where space is at a premium.

These include double decker cycle racks, wall mounted cycle stands, cycle troughs, and vertical bike racks.

Everest Double Decker Cycle Rack

The Everest Double Decker Cycle Rack is an excellent choice of bike storage for areas where space is at a premium. It is a cost-effective choice that allows you to store twice as many cycles within an available space.

Benefits include:

  • Highly durable - made from high quality steel which is galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Easy to install – the frame has been designed to be easy to put together and dismantle, and can easily be moved around your site if cycle parking arrangements ever change.
  • Practical for your project – available in many options where we can powder coat to match your project environment.
  • Highly secure – each storage rail has its own individual locking loop, offering maximum security for bike users.
  • Perfect for those small spaces - subcontractors choose the Everest Double Decker Cycle Rack as the double decker nature of the bike racks means office developments, residential buildings or universities can offer twice as much bike storage for their users.

Verti Apex Wall Mounted Cycle Stand

The Verti Apex Wall Mounted Cycle Stand is an excellent choice for sub-contractors who are looking for a simple bike storage facility to install in tight spaces.

Benefits include:

  • Space saving design – the simple structure is fixed to the wall and only protrudes 530mm from the wall.
  • Simple to install – it is one of our most simplest bike storage racks to install, with only two wall mounted plates to the back of the stand (please note, wall fixing bolts are not supplied with this product).
  • Durable – it is made from steel therefore it is strong, lightweight and water resistant.
  • Practical for your project – available in many options where we can powder coat to match your project environment.

Snowdon Semi Vertical Cycle Rack

The Snowdon Semi Vertical Cycle Rack is a really popular option for town/city centre areas where space is limited such as office developments, university campuses, train stations and multi-occupancy apartment developments.

Users are able to store their bikes vertically, and the semi vertical bike racks footprint is much smaller than other styles of cycle storage.

Benefits include:

  • High quality – the cycle racks are made from steel and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard. We offer a 1 year warranty as standard, and a 10 year warranty on the galvanising.
  • Easy to install – it is surface mounted fixed, and the cycle rack consists of standard parts that can be extended or relocated at any time, giving you and your clients flexibility should plans change.
  • Easy to order – on the product page, the racks are ordered per bike space. So there are no hidden charges. For example, the lengths per rack are calculated on 305mm Centres and allowing for an end space of 300mm per end. So the Length of a 9 space is (8 x 305mm = 2440mm + 600mm = 3040mm total length). 
  • Safe and secure bike storage – there are multiple locking points for each bike. The addition of the locking hoop allows users to secure both the wheel and frame to the rack, providing higher levels of security. 

Swing Wall Mounted Bike Stand

The Swing Wall Mounted Bike Stand is one of the smallest bike racks in our range of space saving cycle storage. It is a popular option among sub-contractors for internal and external areas where space is at a premium.

Benefits include:

  • Incredibly space saving – the frame is attached to the wall, where users only need to extend the support beam when they need to use it.
  • High quality – the bike stand is made from steel, galvanised and powder coated in a black finish, making it very durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to install – it is simply fixed to the surface wall using recommended fixings (we recommend M10 bolts – not included).

Space saving bike storage – key considerations

The main considerations when choosing space saving bike storage are:

Does it fit the available space?

Obviously where space is at a premium, subcontractors have slightly more limited options to larger expanses in outdoor areas.

You either choose to install a cycle rack with a limited number of parking bays, or you use a two-tiered cycle storage rack which means you can effectively double the number of bikes that can be stored.

Is it easy to operate?

Due to the nature of spacing saving bike storage, sometimes this lends itself to double decker cycle stands.

These can potentially limit users to those who are able to lift up their bikes to the upper tier. This is where the Everest Double Decker Cycle Rack is beneficial, as users are able to extend down the cycle rail slightly, offering users the ability to not lift their bikes as high as more traditional, fixed styles.

Are they secure options for bike owners?

Some cycle storage designs don't lend themselves to locking up both the frame and wheels, and sometimes the racks are so close together within urban areas, that bikes clash and tangle.

If that happens, you may find that the facility may not be used to capacity because cyclists can only use every other rack. This is an important consideration when choosing the right option for space saving cycle storage.

This is why the Everest Double Decker Cycle Rack is a firm favourite among sub-contractors as it is designed in such a way where parking bays alternate between racks laying flat and racks that are raised. This greatly reduces the chances of handlebars or any part of a bike coming into contact with another, and maximises cycle storage within tight areas.

Buy your space saving cycle storage from Street Furniture Direct

We have a wide range of space saving cycle storage for you to choose from, so you can find a perfect solutions for your project.

We also offer a price match guarantee here at Street Furniture Direct. If you find the same street furniture product elsewhere for cheaper, we'll match the price!

And finally, you can have your street furniture on site usually within 72 hours (includes most of our cycle storage range, although more bespoke options may incur a longer lead time). There's also a next day service available too for certain stock items.

If you want to talk to us about our range of space saving cycle storage for your project talk to our team today on telephone 01625 879 442 or email