Double Decker Cycle Stands

Double Decker Cycle Stands

The Double Decker Cycle Rack has minimal space requirement with double decker parking and offset parking positions. Houses twice as many cycles as most other conventional cycle racks. Cost Effective where land space is a premium. High Quality construction and mechanisms. High security and stability with our anti scratch brace frame option providing three locking points. Modularity assembly consists of standard parts that can be extended or relocated at any time. Easy to operate, lifting the extended rail when it is loaded with the bicycle is almost effortless. This Cycle Rack is available in multiples of two. *We are able to offer free site visits on certain projects depending on location and quantity required.

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Double Decker Cycle Rack

£ 100.00

The Double Decker Cycle Racks is the perfect storage solution where space is at a premium, this a cost effective option allowing you to have double the amount of Cycle Racks. This style of Cycle Rack is very popular within new developments of apartment blocks, housing and offices.

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XL Hennessy Shelter

£ 2469.00

The Hennessy cycle shelter is our top selling shelter. As standard it covers up to 10 cycles.

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