New additions to Street Furniture Directs product offering at a great price

New additions to Street Furniture Directs product offering at a great price

Street Furniture Direct has a new selection of street furniture products, including colourful seating, robust litter bins, and large planters - available in a variety of materials and finishes. We have expanded our range of outdoor furniture to suit an array of environments and complete the look of any project. 

SFD has new seating in a range of designs and materials. Whether you need a traditional timber bench or a modern metal seat, we’ve got you covered. 

Aluminium Seating

Aluminium is a lightweight and durable material. It can have an anodized finish or be powder coated in a range of RAL colours. Anodizing is a controlled oxidation process that creates a durable and corrosive-resistant finish. An anodized finish is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate, so it will not chip and peel.

The Holland Blue Aluminium Seat has contemporary angled armrests that complement the natural angle of the backrest. The legs are made from anodised aluminium, and the seven slats for the seat and backrest are extruded aluminium with a blue colour finish. The Holland seat is suitable for internal and external settings. 

Timber Seating

Timber is a natural material that has a large variety of colours, textures and grains. SFD can guarantee FSC certified timbers on selected products, to give you the peace of mind knowing the timber was sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

Our timber benches have timber slats on the seat and backrest with either a metal or timber frame.

The Firth Timber Seat is a traditional style timber bench that is ideal for new and old projects. Made from FSC tropical wood. The Firth wooden bench provides a comfortable place to sit and relax for up to 4 people. 

The Garland Seat has beautiful arched stainless steel legs and 8 hardwood timber slats for the seat and backrest. The central curved bar seamlessly fits into the natural design while providing additional stability. A chair and double seat versions are also available. 

Decorative Cast Iron Benches

Cast iron is an exceptionally strong product that has a high-impact resistance, is anti-vandal resistant and is extremely durable with a long lifespan. It can even be recycled at the end of its life.  

The new Cast Iron Seats have visually interesting backrest panels. Whether you want abstract, nature, or traditional.

The Foster Cast Iron Seat has a repetitive perforated leaf design on both the seat and the backrest. The Foster Bench is ideal for heavy use areas offering a modern feel to any project. 

Plastic Seating 

Polyethylene is a 100% recyclable material that allows for a circular economy - so it can be recycled at the end of its life, again and again. Plastic seating is available in a range of colours and is easily cleaned. Lightweight to allow for moveability is left freestanding, or fix down with bolts for a secure install. 

The Aniston Plastic Seat has a simple yet effective design with repeating square holes evenly spaced. The plastic seat requires little maintenance and is ideal for playgrounds and roof terraces. 

Plastic Litter Bins

Similar to the plastic seating, plastic litter bins are easily cleaned and can be recycled at end of life. 

Street Furniture Direct have developed their litter bin offering over the years to incorporate different designs, and to provide a choice of materials and sizes.

The Ibiza Plastic Litter Bin is an 80 litre capacity bin that is available in a range of bold colours. Made from lightweight polyethylene, that can be left freestanding or bolted down for additional security. The bin has a curved roof with a stainless steel stubbing plate for cigarettes. The Ibiza Bin is easy to clean and can be recycled at the end of its life, known as Circularity. 

The Toscana Plastic Litter Bin is a square shaped bin that can be used for both normal waste and recycling. The Toscana Bin can be left free standing or fixed down with bolts. Available in a range of colours, this 60 litre bin has smooth corners making it suitable for playgrounds and sports locations. 


Planters are a great way to add a natural element to a project which can improve people's wellbeing and increase biodiversity. Whether you’re looking for a small or large planter, Street Furniture Direct has a large selection on their new category page.

The Ona Flower Planter is made from robust cast iron and is available in three different sizes, from square to rectangle shapes, giving you more options. The Ona Planter can be left free standing due to its significant weight when filled. 

The Diagonal Corten Steel Planter has a unique shape and laser cut detailing to add to the overall aesthetics. The weathered corten steel effect is a popular choice for street furniture, and outdoor planters are no exception. 

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables are often an overlooked element of street furniture, yet they are perfect for providing a social hub. Our picnic tables are available in a range of materials and designs. Outdoor Picnic Sets are ideal for public parks, school playgrounds and even outdoor dining areas for workplaces. 

The Medal Square Picnic Table can seat up to 8 people and has a square design. Made from timber slats and a steel frame. The Medal Picnic Table is a robust product that will last the natural wear and tear of use. 

Street Furniture Direct is part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, a privately owned collection of individual companies serving the construction sector, providing a wide range of street furniture, playground elements and associated services to the public realm, commercial and educational schemes throughout the UK. Find out more by visiting the BSFG Website.

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