Why steel bollards are a key component in the pedestrianisation of UK urban areas

Why steel bollards are a key component in the pedestrianisation of UK urban areas

Pedestrianisation of urban spaces plays a central role within the Government’s strategies to not only tackle air pollution, but in attracting footfall back to our towns and cities.

Steel bollards play a significant role in such pedestrianisation schemes, providing effective pedestrian safety barriers.

Our range of steel bollards here at Street Furniture Direct offer subcontractors, contractors and other construction professionals a cost-effective, simple and practical way to protect pedestrians, cyclists, property from moving vehicles.


Keeping pedestrianised areas safe

Pedestrianised zones have been on the rise in recent years within the UK, as we’ve adopted a more European-style approach to outdoor dining and leisurely strolls within urban areas.

The pandemic has certainly accelerated such schemes in an attempt to entice people back into the towns and cities, with workforces slowly starting to return to the offices in 2022.

As more and more people are walking around city centres, their safety needs to be considered and any risks mitigated.

Typically, these areas are congested with all kinds of vehicles ranging from cars, vans, lorries, and buses. And when you mix increased levels of pedestrians and vehicles, it increases the potential for crashes, whether intentional or accidental.

UK towns and cities including London, Birmingham, Bath and Manchester have introduced widespread pedestrianisation measures in an attempt to attract footfall back into such urban areas.


The role of steel bollards

The primary role of steel bollards is to improve safety for nearby pedestrians. They provide visual cues to both drivers and pedestrians, guiding traffic and increasing awareness. When needed, they also provide a protective physical barrier.

Careful consideration regarding the location of bollards within pedestrianised zones is needed. There will be those who oppose bollards and other pedestrianisation measures, claiming they make deliveries or parking near to the shops difficult. But safety has to be the driving factor in any urban area.

Planning for pedestrianisation is a thorough process and many factors, including pedestrian safety management and emergency vehicle access, have to be considered.

However, once the planning and designs have been completed, deciding upon suitable bollard designs and their installation is more straight forward.


Our steel bollard options

Our range of steel bollards are popular with subcontractors and contractors who have been tasked with installing into such pedestrianisation zones.

We offer a range of fixed, removable and telescopic bollard options, in a range of designs and sizes to suit most project requirements.

The 168mm Diameter Titan Steel Bollard is a popular fixed bollard option. It features contemporary styling with the ability to customise it to suit the design of your urban environment.

You can have it in either a root fixed, surface mounted or as a removable unit fixing option. It is available in a galvanised-only finish, or you can have it in a standard RAL colour or a non-standard colour option. To add further safety features, you can fit with red, white or yellow reflective banding.

The Titan is also available in a reinforced steel bollard option, which is manufactured with an internal steel core to add strength.

If you are after a bollard that is only required from time to time, the 90 x 90 Heavy Duty Steel Telescopic Bollard is another popular option among subcontractors and contractors. The steel casing is installed into the ground and an internal bollard structure can be lifted up and lowered down again easily by the operator.

These can be powder coated in any colour and feature striking red and white striped banding for increased visibility.

All of our bollards are easy to install, robust and a cost-effective option to enhance any pedestrianisation zone project you may be working on. You can buy directly from our website, and often we have good stock availability meaning we can ship to you or directly to site within 48 hours.


Can we help?

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