Picnic Sets

Picnic Sets

Street Furniture Direct, Manufacture a full range of Picnic Tables for Home and commercial use. Our Picnic Tables are manufactured from Hardwood or Softwood and offering a 10yr guarantee. Ideal for outdoor Work Environment or for Schools.

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Moko Round Timber Picnic Bench

£ 295.00

The Moko Round Timber Bench is a free standing picnic bench manufactured from pressure treated Redwood. The timber is a natural product and will be subject to movement and weathering as it seasons.

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Isola Picnic Set

£ 780.00

The Isola table top is made to look like four separate planks but in fact, this picnic bench comes with a solid table top. This one-piece design has many advantages: nothing falls through, food doesn’t get stuck, litter can’t be pushed into nooks and dirt doesn’t gather. Just a quick wipe over and you’re done!

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Serengeti Picnic Set

£ 850.00

The Serengeti picnic bench is all about the group dynamic. This sturdy bench/table combination is perfect for campsites, holiday villages and youth hostels: wherever people get together, chat and mingle outdoors.

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Nevada Picnic Table Set

£ 1900.00

A high quality handmade hardwood which is locally sourced from sustainable environments certified picnic table and bench set. Manufactured from the finest material and uniquely crafted with the finest attention to detail. A very clean, elegant and modern design.

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