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Here at Street Furniture Direct we have be providing projects up and down the country with our high quality Steel Bollards. We are able to provide a wide range of options on all of our Steel Bollards from powder coating in any RAL colour, to a range of different caps.

The cap we provide as standard is a welded flat cap, but there are choices available including; a domed top, a semi domed top, a mitred top, along with many more for a small extra cost. If you do require a different cap please contact one of our trained advisers. Unlike many other companies we dont have any minimum order amount on our Steel Bollards and because these are in stock we would look to have them with you in 48 hours.

The Titan Reinforced Steel Bollard is available in 3 standard diameters; 139mm, 168mm, 194mm (Other dimensions are possible on request). Manufactured with an internal steel core to add strength, galvanised as standard and can be powder coated in a range of colours. Hazard Banding strips are also available for additional visibility at night. The Reinforced Steel Bollards offers the benefits of Anit-Ram for added security and protection for any area. 

If you are looking for a selection of bollards or to create a collection of street furniture, let us know and we can help you put together a full solution.

*Powder Coating will require a longer lead time


Weight 90.00 kg
Length 1500mm
Diameter 139mm
Fixing Root Fixed
Material Steel
Colour Galvanised
Street Furniture Direct

Titan Reinforced Steel Bollard FAQs

We recommend choosing the Reinforced Steel Bollard if you require a more secure bollard that will handle vehicular impact better than the standard Stainless Steel Bollard.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard has the same visual exterior as the standard Steel Bollard. It is reinforced through an internal steel core. The Reinforced Steel Bollard is more secure and less likely to be severely damaged from vehicular impact.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard is available in 139mm, 168mm, and 194mm Diameters. The larger 194mm diameter will require an additional lead time. There are no physical benefits to choosing a larger diameter bollard as they are all manufactured in 5mm gauge thickness steel unless requested otherwise. The main reason for choosing a diameter is down to personal preference on the visual outcome.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard can only be root fixed. The Reinforced Steel Bollard is the standard height of 1500mm. We recommend digging a hole to a depth of 500mm, fill the first 100mm with Type 1 MOT Crushed Concrete (approved for use by the Ministry of Transport). Then fill the rest with concrete and install the bollard with the spigots down into the concrete to ensure it cannot be removed. Leave to set.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard and Reinforced Stainless Steel Bollard functions in exactly the same way, the difference is in the finish and visual appearance. The Reinforced Steel Bollard is galvanised as standard with a matt finish and can be powder coated in a range of RAL colours. The Reinforced Stainless Steel Bollard has a brushed satin finish.
The Steel Bollard has not been Ram Raid tested or crash tested, however all bollards are manufactured to a high standard to reduce the impact of minor bumps and damage. The Reinforced Steel Bollard is a more secure bollard that will handle more severe impact. In the event of a Ram Raid occurrence, the bollard will need to be replaced.
Galvanising is a process where a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to stop corrosion and rusting. This is commonly done using the hot dip method where the steel is submerged into a bath of molten zinc. All our steel products are supplied galvanised with an option to powder coat.
Powder coating is a polyester powder which is then heated to fuse with the protective cover. Powder coating gives our products the most economical, long lasting and most colour-durable quality finishes available. Powder coating surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.
RAL is the standardised colour matching system used in the UK and Europe. It attributes colours to a code to ensure the same hue is produced across paints, coatings, and plastics in the manufacturing industry.
Street Furniture Direct have a standard RAL colour chart with 30 colours to choose from, including Black, White, Grey and a range of bold and bright colours.
The Reinforced Steel Bollards will not rust. The bollards are galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard will need to be replaced after a severe car incident has occurred to ensure it is adequately performing and to prevent further damage. The Reinforced Steel Bollard is more robust than the standard Steel Bollard so should better handle the impact of a vehicle.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard is made with an internal steel core which is then covered with the outer bollard shell made from a single steel sheet that is machine rolled into a tube. The top cap and two spigots are welded to it. The bollard is then hot dipped galvanised as standard, with powder coating finish also available.
The 139mm Diameter Reinforced Steel Bollard usually weighs 90 kilograms equivalent to a new-born elephant calf. However, the weight varies depending on the bollard diameter and what type of internal core is used. A single bollard should not be carried alone, multiple units will require a pallet and forklift for transport.
There are many locations where the Reinforced Steel Bollard can be installed to provide protection to both people and buildings. A prime location is high footfall and car traffic areas such as the divide between car parking spaces and pedestrian walkways, this can be at shopping centres, town centres, and even for independent shops with private car parks. Entrances and exits to places by vehicle, particularly narrow spaces with walls or paths nearby. Other locations include, fuel stations, pub and restaurant private car parks, storefronts, and even near bus stops.
The Reinforced Steel Bollard has a guaranteed warranty for 1 year however it should last for a significantly longer period depending on location, how often it is cleaned and whether it has been physically damaged or vandalised.
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