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The Bike Repair Station has been designed with bikes in mind. The handles at the top of the unit offer a stable position for the bike while working on it. The Bike Repair Station can be fixed down using M10 Expansion bolts to a secure foundation. As standard the Bike Repair Station is galvanised and powder coated yellow and supplied with a pump and a set of tools. Tools comprise of;

- Wrench
- Cross head screwdriver
- Flathead screwdriver
- Hex key set
- Tyre levers
- Tyre pump

We would recommend installing the Bike Repair Stations in secure private spaces such as residential car parks, cycle hubs and offices.

The Bike Repair Stations are not designed for open public realm use.


Weight 15.00 kg
Width 345mm
Depth 260mm
Height 1200mm
Fixing Surface Mounted
Colour Galvanised
Street Furniture Direct

Bike Repair Station FAQs

The Bike Repair Station is a multifunctional unit to help bike owners perform basic maintenance and repairs on their bicycles.

It offers a more secure and stable way to secure bikes while you perform your necessary repairs or maintenance, thus increasing safety and practicality.
Tools included are:

- Wrench
- Cross head screwdriver
- Flathead screwdriver
- Hex key set
- Tyre pump
The Bike Repair Station is fixed to the floor, and is secured down using M10 Expansion bolts. We provide installation instructions with every order to guide you through the installation process.

We recommend for a competent DIY to install the Bike Repair Station.
The Bike Repair Station is available in a galvanised and powder coated yellow finish. Unfortunately you are not able to customise the finish.
Yes the Bike Repair Station is designed to accommodate a variety of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. The adjustable nature of the bike stand allows for the secure support of various frame sizes and styles.
No, the Bike Repair Station is manufactured from steel and galvanised and powder coated to offer protection from the rain and other elements. The durable nature of the materials and finish of the Bike Repair Station means it is able to withstand exposure to rain, wind and other harsh elements.
Yes, the Bike Repair Station is designed and constructed to be a low maintenance fixture. It is manufactured from steel and comes in a galvanised finish to offer you a durable and low maintenance stand to help you maintain and repair your bike.

We do however recommend you periodically inspect the Bike Repair Station for signs of wear or damage. Any damaged or worn components should be replaced promptly to maintain the functionality and safety of the station.
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