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The XL Hennessy Cycle Shelter is based on the standard Hennessy Shelter the height and depth has been increased to accomodate the Double Deckers or the Semi Vertical Cycle Stands. The XL Hennessy Cycle Shelter offers complete coverage for the bicycles beneath with optional end cladding for added protection.

Total amount of bikes held in a 4m length XL Hennessy Shelter is 18 number, this can be increased by adding additional lengths to the shelter in multiples of 4 metres. If you require more than 18 cycle spaces please get in touch direct so we can work out the best price for you. 

*Please note this product arrives flat packed and will require experience to build and install. 


Weight 326.00 kg
Length 4100mm
Width 3800mm
Height 3100mm
Fixing Surface Mounted
Material Steel
Colour Galvanised
Street Furniture Direct

Hennessy XL Shelter FAQs

Yes, foundations specified by site engineer must be cast, set and levelled. We recommend that you mark out the approximate location of the feet based on your approved General Arrangement drawing. Lay the front and rear feet in their approximate locations as shown.

Foundation recommended maximum tolerance is 5mm over 3000mm distance. Anything greater may compromise quality of installation and mechanical integrity of product
Please note the Hennessy Shelter requires a good level of experience to install, and appropriate groundworks and foundations must be prepared before installation. It will also require at least 2 people for installation.

We will supply detailed PDF installation instructions on delivery of the shelters.
Yes, the Hennessy Shelter it will arrive on site flat packed for your convenience.
End Cladding on the Hennessy is not essential but it is recommended to give the cycles added protection from the elements.
Yes, the Hennessy Shelter is available with a gated front if required.
Although we can’t give specific time frames, the Hennessy Shelter is constructed using high quality, durable materials.

To add to that, as standard the Hennessy range of cycle storage shelters are supplied with a mild steel galvanised frame. Galvanising is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009. .
The Hennessy Shelter is designed as a standard modular system which is 4m in length – meaning 8m/16m/20m shelters can be easily manufactured. The Hennessy XL Shelter is the same length but is taller and deeper, enabling you to store more bikes within it.

Bespoke sizes can be designed and manufactured at an increased cost.
Due to the modular nature of the Hennessy Shelter, you can place them next to each other which will offer greater protection from the weather but will not achieve a fully sealed compound. However, bespoke elements such as roof extensions and gates can be supplied at an additional cost.
Yes, we offer 3 styles of cycle parking options for the Hennessy Shelter – (1) The Sheffield Toastrack; (2) Roof Fixed Sheffield Cycle Stand; and (3) Surface Mounted Sheffield Cycle Stand. The Hennesy XL has been designed to house our double decker stands.
Yes, speak to our team if you need a replacement plastic panel for the Hennessy Shelter. Either call us on 01625 879 442 or email us enquiries@streetfurnituredirect.co.uk
The foundation recommended is 450mm deep – with a maximum tolerance of 5mm over 3000mm distance.
Yes, we offer root fixed or surface mounted options for the Hennessy Shelter.
Yes, a Hennessy Shelter does comply with smoking regulations providing the slides are not clad. To comply with the UK smoking ban in enclosed spaces, smoking shelters must not be substantially enclosed. What this means is that no more than 50% off the shelter should be enclosed.
We advise clamping the plastic sheets in position on the Hennessy Shelter before drilling to ensure the drill holes in the plastic and steel frame are aligned properly. This method also reduces the potential for the sheets to crack or split.
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