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Here at Street Furniture Direct we can offer you a Timber Bollard which is locally sourced from sustainable environments. The Timber Bollard is a popular item for local parks and forest trails. With the natural finish and look they offer a greener solution than Steel Bollards. We are able to offer you the Timber Bollard in a range of styles and tops to make it fit in perfect with your project or garden. 

There are 3 tops available: Flat Top, Chamfered Top or 4 Way Weathered Top. A Recess Groove is also an option with or without a reflective band for increased visivility. 

If you are looking for something a like more bespoke in a Timber Bollard then let us know as we are able to provide a bespoke service. 


Weight 30.00 kg
Length 1500mm
Diameter 150x150mm
Fixing Root Fixed
Material Timber
Colour Natural
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Finding the right Access Control for you

Home : we have a range of affordable bollards for home use, if you are tired of parking issues outside your property, looking to keep your parking space reserved, or just need that extra level of security for your vehicles at night. With our extensive range of bollards we’ve got you covered. Fold down and telescopic bollards allow for optional protection when access is still required. 

Industrial : Bollards in industrial environments require an extra level of durability and visibility. We offer reinforced / ram deterrent bollards to protect structures, equipment and staff. Our plastic bollards provide high visibility while offering flexibility in cases of collisions. Ideal for way finding and demarcation without risking damage to vehicles. 

Retail : Shopping centres and retail parks require highly durable Access Control due to heavy footfall whilst also having consideration for the surrounding aesthetics and architects. Popular options for this sector include Stainless Steel, Recycled Plastic, Timber, as well as reinforced / ram deterrent bollards for fronting buildings.

Fold Down / Telescopic Bollards : Ideal for business parks and industrial estates where varied levels of security are required at certain times of the day and working week. Our telescopic bollards sit flush at ground level to avoid a tripping hazard. When lifted and locked they deter any unwanted drivers or thieves. Fold down bollards offer the same protection but at a smaller cost due to ease of Installation.